Sustainability Game Experience

Involve ALL for sustainability in your company
Sustainability cannot be achieved alone. Successful implementation requires a team that gets on board. Gamification helps you to get everyone on track.
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For ALL employees and managers

Online, on-site or hybrid

Understanding the complexity of the topic through gamification

As a big event, in a team or as train the trainer


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Understanding the complexity of sustainability for companies through gamification in the form of a simulation of business decisions. And shaping sustainability together.

To mobilize different target groups

  • Before developing a sustainability strategy to get leaders on board
  • After the development of a sustainability strategy to bring ALL along and to win them for the implementation
  • As part of a company event as an impulse to mobilize ALL for more sustainability
  • For divisions, departments or teams to approach sustainability together in a structured way

3 formats

Our Sustainability Game Experience (SGE) comes in three different formats:

Get started as an introduction to the topic of sustainability in your company. This event is aimed at different target groups.

With the extension Get into action, you can systematically define concrete steps for more sustainability for a selected group, for example as a division, department or team.

Are you facing a major roll-out of a sustainability strategy? Then our Do it yourself format is the right choice, enabling you to carry out the Sustainability Game Experience independently.

Get started


Participants have to make sustainable decisions in different areas of the company.

They learn that each area of the company must make a contribution and how their decisions affect the 3 pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology and social responsibility.

The results are then reflected upon and learnings derived for the own context.


– 0.5 days

– As a moderated event

– As an event or small group training

– Online, on-site or hybrid

– Embedded in own company context

Get into action


The morning sets the starting point, in which the participants use various questions to make sustainable decisions in different business areas and understand the topic of sustainability in the context of the company.

In the afternoon the transfer to their own area of responsibility is established and an action plan for the implementation of sustainability in their own team (also department or area) is developed.


– 1 day

– As a moderated workshop

– For your division, department or team

– Online, on-site or hybrid

– Incl. transfer to your own company context and development of an individual implementation plan

Do it yourself


– You, as an internal employee, can use gamification in the form of a simulation of business decisions to communicate the complexity of the topic of sustainability for companies to everyone.

– You know the functionality and didactic structure of the simulation.

– You know areas of application and get suggestions to accompany the transfer.

– You can generate learnings and embed them in your company context.

– You will be able to carry out the simulation confidently on the basis of exercise units and FAQs.


– 1.5 days

–  Train the Trainer format

– For multipliers (CSR, HR, …)

– Online

– Incl. consulting and mentoring for your implementation

The simulation

Group experience

The game is played in groups of 3-5 people who take on different roles within a company.

On-site or online

The simulation can be conducted online, hybrid or on-site.

Easy access

The simulation is played via a link in any internet browser. A login is not required.

Adaptable and expandable

The game is adaptable to your specific conditions and requests.


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In the simulation, 12 decisions are presented. The players evaluate these on the basis of the 3 pillars of sustainability (economy, ecology and social responsibility) and choose the alternative that they consider to be the most sustainable. The questions are very practical and address different areas of the company.

The game is played as a group experience in teams of 3 – 5 people, with each player taking on the role of a different business area.

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