Viviana Rodriguez

Consultant and facilitator of personal and organizational development programs.

Business development at CONTUR Mexico



Your Way to CONTUR

I found CONTUR by chance and had no idea that I would soon become part of their team.

I arrived at CONTUR in November 2017, taking charge of the company’s Business Development. I started by introducing strategies to penetrate the market with current and potential clients, setting up processes and leading special projects. At the same time, I continued to develop myself as a facilitator of the courses Personal Leadership, Communication, Train the Trainers and Team Integration.

I am in charge of designing and developing, together with our consultants, the programs that help our clients achieve more and better results through investment in their human talent.




I am originally from San Luis Potosi and have been living in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the land of tequila and meat in its juice, for the past 5 years. I really enjoy traveling, getting to know new places and tasting their traditional food. Every year my goal is to visit a new place abroad to continue living new experiences 😉. I love flowers, celebrations and birthdays, especially mine. I am a very curious person, I love to learn and be surprised by how little I know about so many and many subjects. How the brain works, psychology, human behavior and communication are some of the topics that interest me the most. The possibility of proposing and creating new things within CONTUR…I love it! Helping others to develop their skills and identify other ways of doing things, solving problems and/or avoiding them, is what I enjoy doing the most.

Questions to you

  • What would your friends say about you?

    She is a very enthusiastic person, always cheerful, but also has a temper. She loves to talk, to listen to others and to help them. She is always persevering and fights for her dreams 😊.

  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?


  • If someone gave you an envelope with the date of your death, would you open it?

    No, I prefer to live without knowing and enjoy every moment.

  • What motivates you?

    Every single thing I do has an impact on the lives of others

  • What work did you do while you were at school?

    I prepared pizzas at PizzaHut