Dr. Susanne Steinhauer

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Dr. Susanne Steinhauer, born in 1966, lives in Grünberg, a picturesque half-timbered town on the edge of the Vogelsberg near Giessen in the middle of Germany.

After studying chemistry at the Technical University of Darmstadt and earning a doctorate in plastics chemistry, she perfected her English skills during an extended stay in Great Britain. She then started her professional career. First as plant manager, later for more than 11 years in the management, she very successfully developed a medium-sized plastics processing company. People management, development and motivation were at the heart of her strategy and was her formula for success.

In 2013, Dr. Steinhauer changed her focus to sustainability management.

In a medium-sized, manufacturing company with a corporate structure, she established this important topic strategically and holistically. More than 9 years ago, this was pioneering work with the result that the company is now the benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

The deeper she looked into the topic of sustainability during this time, the more it became her subject of heart. As a result, she has been advising an association as advisory board chair for sustainability since 2019 until today. In her teaching position “sustainable company management” at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, she passes on her extensive expertise and practical experience to young people. Since December 2021, she has been writing regular columns for the magazine HK Holz- und Kunststoffverarbeitung published by DRW-Verlag.

With all this activity, she recognizes one thing above all today: companies must move from sustainable attitude to sustainable action. For this, they need help. From practice for practice.

That is the reason why Dr. Steinhauer will be available as an external sustainability manager for companies from October 2023. That is the reason why she is happy to combine her expertise on sustainability management with CONTUR.

To live in balance with body, mind, soul and the environment, she spends her free time dancing or interacting with people or doing yoga and qigong or just meditating in nature.

Dr. Susanne Steinhauer