Sabine Edlmayr-Sefrin

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Sabine Edlmayr-Sefrin was born in 1963 in the Upper Palatinate/Bavaria and now lives in the Palatinate/Rhineland Palatinate – she likes to describe this with: “From one Palatinate to the other Palatinate, living there, but at home in the world”. She is an independent trainer in the CONTUR GmbH network, specializing in personality and leadership training. 

She studied Social Pedagogy (Dip. Soz. Päd.) and Psychology (Dipl. Psych.) with the degrees Clinical Psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Already during her studies she worked in a management consultancy, including assignments abroad. In the further course of her professional life, she repeatedly used further training to qualify and develop her own consulting profile. Sabine Edlmayr-Sefrin is a neurosystemic coach (Neuroimagination®) and a child coach according to the Neuroimagination® method. She has a training in business mediation as well as various advanced trainings, for example in the systemic context. 

After working in various companies as a personnel officer and project manager with a focus on personnel diagnostics (AC/ DC) as well as trainings and workshops (communication, leadership, conflict management, etc.), she started her professional self-employment in 2005. She has placed herself on the market as a trainer by leading coaching sessions and seminars on the topics of stress reset, resilience, decision making (head and heart), people skills, self-control and self-efficacy, personality development. “To find one’s own way” is a key theme for her trainings and coachings. 

At home in her world: Sabine Edlmayr-Sefrin likes to get to know other people and cultures and therefore she travels a lot. In addition, she makes music (actively and passively), and loves nature, art and reading.