Sara Blum

Trainer and consultant at CONTUR

Sara Blum grew up near Bremen and has found her center of life here again after various stations in Germany and abroad.

Her studies in cultural studies and sustainable tourism development laid the foundation for her current work as a trainer in the field of collaboration and digital learning at CONTUR.

Her trainer heart beats for communication and sustainability. She is passionate about all facets of communication, from synchronous to asynchronous, from conversation to presentation, in presence, virtual and hybrid and gladly with an intercultural perspective. Out of personal conviction she takes responsibility for sustainable development and wants to sensitize companies for sustainable thinking and acting as well as encourage employees to develop and implement sustainable ideas. Furthermore, she moderates international as well as national large group events.

Strength-based development and intercultural understanding are fundamental values for Sara Blum. In particular, her work as an international study consultant as well as several years of international stays in Mexico and Portugal shaped her and are reflected in her attitude as a trainer. Sara Blum sees a necessity in openness towards current trends, innovations and new technologies as can be read in her publication “New Customers for the Travel Market – Generation Z”. Narr Publishing House

Sara Blum finds her balance to everyday work in sports. She is a fitness trainer and gives courses in aerobics, yoga and dance.

Sara Blum