Tabea Schneider

Trainer and Consultant at CONTUR

Born and raised in Stralsund, Tabea Schneider first completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration and then a master’s degree in business psychology at the University of Bremen. After three and a half years in Newcastle upon Tyne in England, she has now been living with her husband and two children in southern Lower Saxony near Göttingen for several years.

At CONTUR, Tabea Schneider is a trainer and consultant in the Collaboration business unit. In addition to classic communication topics and team development, she trains in particular the topics of self-leadership and self-management. Furthermore, Tabea Schneider moderates various event formats and accompanies assessment centers.

Growth and personal responsibility are fundamental values that have shaped her life so far and are reflected in her attitude as a trainer. As a certified trainer and responsible person of the TrainerAkademie in the Federal Association of German Student Management Consultancies, she accompanied and qualified students for their role as internal trainers of the association already during her studies. Since then, in addition to classic seminar and workshop formats, she has also designed experience-oriented outdoor trainings for a wide variety of teams and large groups.

In the context of new product development, she is currently focusing in particular on the topic of self-learning in the context of the advancing change in learning culture.

In her free time, Tabea Schneider enjoys the challenge of trail or long-distance running, hiking in mountainous terrain or enjoying a hot sauna.