Online Training in Resilience: Healthy Leadership during a Crisis


Your Situation

This resilience training is aimed at managers and project leaders who want to support their employees who are experiencing a crisis.
You want to guide troubled employees who are experiencing stress during tough times – be it from challenges in the workplace or privately – in a reliable and healthy way. To do this, you are interested in building your own stamina and resistance – and are willing to invest time between the online sessions to transfer this into practice.

Your Benefit

You will learn about options for how to develop power, serenity and confidence despite difficult conditions and critical situations. Using a resilience model, you will obtain input, reflection tools and individualized suggestions for maintaining and building your own well-being. You will discover how you can support and strengthen your employees, and also where your responsibility ends. An analysis of your current status will permit you to identify your resources and to identify, experience and train helpful approaches tailored specifically to your individual situation.


  • ­Definitions: What is resilience? Resilience can be learned and developed – but only by myself
  • Individual situation analysis: evaluation of your own resilience
  • ­The seven pillars of resilience
  • ­Real Success: Clarifying what does "success" mean to me?
  • ­Testing your own thought patterns and developing alternative behaviors using your own resources
  • ­Health as a dynamic concept
  • ­Possibilities for creating a subjective perception of health using the coherence model – the Salutogenesis
  • ­Leadership responsibility: Options for and limits of support in your role as a leader
  • ­Development of an individual resilience development plan


Expert input, individual analysis of current status, exercises, group work in break-out sessions, peer coaching



Leadership, Personality Development, Health



Profile as PDF-download


Management Techniques, Digital Competence


English, German


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