DHIT®: Colleague today - manager tomorrow


The role change from colleague to manager is a challenging situation. On the one hand, it is suddenly necessary to represent the interests from the employer's point of view as well as to steer a team humanly and professionally in order to achieve common goals. Every manager has gone through this step before and almost all of them can still remember the famous first 100 days.

Furthermore, you may become the supervisor of exactly those colleagues with whom you have worked together with on the same level until now. Suddenly you are faced with the question of how to deal with existing friendships, hidden envies or perceived boundaries, for example.


After this training, you will be able to consciously take the step from colleague to manager and manage the first 100 days in your new role. You will be able to avoid classic stumbling blocks, actively take advantage of opportunities and thus lay the foundation for your future leadership.


In the DHIT format, we address your role change and the associated challenges individually. You exchange ideas with other participants and are coached and accompanied by an experienced manager. You will also benefit from the exchange with the other participants who are in a similar situation as you.


Key Facts - you will achieve the following development goals with the DHIT®: Today a colleague - tomorrow a manager.


In two live online sessions in a small group as well as in two individual coachings, the following topics are focused on and worked on together:

  • Where you currently stand in your individual situation
  • Dealing with the expectations of your new role
  • The first day and the first 100 days as a manager (tips & tricks)
  • Dealing with friendships, envy and boundaries
  • Deriving personal options for action
  • Working on your current practical cases

Your trainer

The trainer, Jens Witte, worked for many years in industry in various management positions before he made the switch to trainer and consultant seven years ago. His experience as a manager, shareholder, change agent and member of the works council enables him to analyze your problems from different perspectives.
It is important to him to work effectively and practically and he is convinced that good and authentic leadership not only delivers first-class results, but can also be really fun.

DHIT®: Today a colleague - tomorrow an executive: Questions & Answers

Why is the change from colleague to manager so difficult for many?

Some prospective managers think they can't make any mistakes, especially at the beginning, and slip into the role of the "perfect manager", losing touch with their employees and colleagues in the process. However, you can only play the "new manager" card in the early days.


What are the classic tips and tricks for the first 100 days?

There are quite a few. You should know them and then decide for yourself what to implement.


What do I have to bear in mind when moving from colleague to supervisor?

That is a very individual question. However, it's more important to consciously use and build on your personal strengths than just to work on your areas of development.



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