Coaching Virtual Leadership - Strengthening Virtual Leadership Skills


Your Situation

As a manager or project manager of a globally networked team, you are faced with the special challenges of leading from a distance (remote leading). How can leadership be successful - be it disciplinary or professional - if your employees work at different locations and in different time zones, come from different cultures and often report to a number of executives or project managers in a matrix organization?

Your benefits

In leadership coaching, you will be able to reflect on your current leadership task in a confidential 1:1 situation with your coach, with a particular focus on the opportunities and risks that virtual leadership entails.


The content is based around your strengths and is determined by you and your coach before the coaching begins.
Possible topic focal points:

  • Motivation and performance capability of virtual teams
  • Build-up of trust over distance and development of virtual proximity
  • Power and politics in intercultural teams
  • Communication strategies and channels
  • Handling conflicts and overcoming destructive behavior


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