Enabling Virtual Teams - Developing Structures, Processes and a Common Culture


Your Situation

You are a manager, team leader or project manager, who wants to implement or improve remote teamwork. You are experiencing the challenges of leading and working in virtual teams, and would like to have a structured approach and ideas for managing these challenges, that you can apply immediately with your teams.

Your Benefit

You will know what is important when leading from a distance and you will have a clear "big picture" of where you team stands now. You will develop action steps to increase the performance of your team. You will understand what media and tools are available, and which have proven successful in practice for your situation. Through the virtual cooperation in this training, you will have experienced interaction tools yourself, and will know how your online communication and collaboration could be improved in future.


  • Fundamentals of leading virtual teams: Do's and Don'ts
  • ­Evaluating the performance potential of a virtual team
  • ­Culture: Building proximity and trust – cornerstones of virtual collaboration
  • ­Eliminating isolation and creating a common spirit
  • ­Clarity around the purpose and goals of your team
  • ­Roles in the team and ways of working
  • ­Access to information
  • ­Working with digital tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
  • ­Using the right communication media for the job
  • ­Tips for collaborating virtually


Expert input, simulation exercises, group work, peer feedback



Team Development, Personality Development




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