Building and using intercultural knowledge of China – a guided learning journey


Your situation

You work together closely with Chinese employees, customers or suppliers. You lead German-Chinese projects or are responsible for on-site service and customer satisfaction in China. Some aspects of the behaviour of your Chinese business partners is however not always understandable.

For example:

  • What is a legally binding "yes"? What is a definite rejection? How do I recognize: "it´s all the same to me/ I don´t really care"? Even though you have already gathered some experience in communicating with Chinese business partners, you are still having problems making a clear judgement.
  • Even if clear agreements have been made, tasks are neglected and unfinished or completed superficially.
  • In response to your inquiries, you receive long e-mails instead of answers which never come to the point.

Your benefit

In our blended training seminar you will receive advice, tips and recommendations for action to simplify and help you to deal with the "soft "aspects of global business as described above.

  • Learn more about yourself and your own culture. First of all, set up your own personal cultural profile online and compare it with that of the target culture.
  • Our country expert will develop an in-depth understanding of the Chinese communication style. You will also learn possible behaviors and habits and will be able to better judge others' reactions.
  • You will receive an orientation and become more secure in achieving more efficient collaboration as well as learning how to better interpret and predict the possible reactions of your Chinese business partners.
  • You will discover how you can drive your goals and projects forward with less time lost due to "friction".
  • The online knowledge base will give you unlimited access to country knowledge as well as tips and tricks for concrete situations. In this way, you can prepare yourself strategically for future meetings.


Blended Training China

Using a virtual kick-off, our trainer will guide you forward to the subject of cultural management and will explain the cultural influence on your business success.

During the subsequent transfer phase, you will gain broad country knowledge online and will compare your culture profile with that of China. Learn about yourself, things you have in common and potential challenges.

In this one-day training, intercultural communication and team work with Chinese employees and business partners will be put into practice using realistic, interactive, cooperative and varied methods. Together with your trainer, you will jointly develop appropriate strategies for action and strengthen your competencies.

  • How are Germans perceived in China? What expectations do they have from a German business partner?
  • Communication and differences in mentality
  • The first encounter
  • Presentations and the transfer of know-how in China
  • Conducting meetings, discussions and negotiations
  • Effective collaboration with Chinese partners
  • Conflict management, understanding conflict behavior and developing conflict-solving strategies
  • My business trip to China/practical questions about everyday life

Our broad knowledge base will continue to be at your disposal after the training. Use the tips, tricks strategies and do's & don'ts for your next business trip to China.

In a live on-line session 3 months after the training, you will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange concrete cases examples with your colleagues or work together with your trainer in developing effective action strategies for on-going situations.


  • Technical input
  • role plays
  • group work
  • case studies
  • simulation
  • self-learning


Profile as PDF-download


Leadership & Management Production, Personality Development, Intercultural Collaboration


English, German, French, Chinese


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