The International Profiler (TIP)


Your Situation

You are working as a project manager, member of a project team, or in any other function within your organization in which you have contact with customers, colleagues, and visitors from around the world. Or you are working in an area which will have international contacts in the future and you would like to prepare yourself for that.

Your Benefit

TIP leads to awareness on how individuals typically respond to and work with people from different cultural backgrounds

  • through analyzing their preferred way of working internationally on the basis of 22 carefully researched personal skill criteria
  • by delivering individual feedback by a licensed coach who supports them to develop according to their specific international role.


How is the process structured?

Step 1:

Receiving your login by e-mail for online access to the TIP questionnaire which can be completed in English or German.

Duration to complete is about 45 minutes.

Shall be completed within one week after receiving the e-mail.

Step 2:

Receiving an e-mail from your coach with an interpretive report attached with instruction for the telephone feedback.

The date for the telephone debriefing needs to be fixed and take place within the next two weeks.

Step 3:

The 75-minute telephone debriefing will be conducted by a coach with a structured discussion of the interpretive report involved.

The aim is to identify three or four individual development areas.

Step 4:

Receiving a template by your coach straight after the telephone feedback for you to make the first draft of an individual International Personal Development Plan (IPDP).

Completing the template as soon as possible (3 days maximum) and returning the IPDP by e-mail to your coach.

The coach will respond by e-mail giving some extra ideas and, where relevant, pass a copy via CONTUR on to the trainer who will run your culture-specific intercultural training


  • Input  
  • Group discussion   
  • Intervision 
  • Role play   
  • (Video-) Feedback


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