Agile mentality – Hands-on


Target group

This seminar is intended for managers and employees who would like to take a practical approach to the subject of agility in order to find out to what extent agile working methods can be put into practice in their own working environment.


Agile working is closely connected to the new forms of collaboration and changing communication structures. Customer needs are clearly the highest priority and optimal solutions will be sought jointly with the customer. Therefore teams in many business units will increasingly reorganize themselves; they will become increasingly self-reliant in designing their work processes and will not only receive feedback from supervisors and colleagues, but also directly from their customers. Increasingly more young people are looking for this kind of "agile collaboration" and want changes in team structures and guidance from their supervisors instead of a hierarchical handling of decisions. For this reason therefore, it is important to integrate these "New Work" wishes open-mindedly, to understand the issues at hand and to reflect on one´s own team and communication structures constructively. In this seminar you will gain an insight into the core principles of agility, learn how to regard processes in a new light as "sprints" and "retros" and practice with examples how you can integrate agility simply and creatively into your communication techniques.


  • Agile core principles
  • Mental agility
  • SPOC® - Basics for a successful presentation as a new team and management competency
  • Working in sprints
  • Agile work using selected methods


  • Active participation
  • tandem dialogues
  • technical keynote lectures
  • agile ways of working
  • visualization
  • exercises with structured guidance
  • group work

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