EQ Leadership – Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Your Situation

As an ambitious leader, you are well aware that convincing results and sustainable success are easily achieved when you and your team work in a well-organized climate filled with challenge and fun. Needless to say, pressures lead to frustration; frustration leads to anger; anger gives rise to resistance; resistance thrives on an atmosphere of fear. These negative dynamics are the daily professional reality of many managers. Emotional intelligence enables you to generate and develop the desired emotional mind set and conditions that can diminish these counterproductive dynamics. The path becomes clear for you and your team to reach the final destination.

Your Benefit

Upon completion of the seminar, you will have greater ease and success leading individuals and groups. You will have more clarity on how and when emotional intelligence can be used effectively in order to generate an added value to the company and your own success. In the course of time, you will master the art of relationship management. Your optimism, realism and enthusiasm will positively influence the contact between you and your team. Colleagues, clients and employees will value the authenticity, credibility and sincerity you bring in your role as manager.



Use your emotional intelligence to motivate and commit yourself and team to achieve desired targets effectively.

  • What distinguishes you as a manager?
    - Leadership intelligence in view of scientific research
    - Leadership roles and required leadership competence
    - Emotional intelligence and resonant leadership
  • How can you use emotional intelligence successfully?
    - Emotional self-perception and self-management
    - Motivation and power through State-Management
    - Mental target focus and emotional imagination
  • How can you use a flexible leadership / management style?
    - Resonant leadership and mirror neurons
    - Perceiving and influencing the feeling of others
    - Inspiring leadership - bringing your team into the boat
  • How can you apply your social skills appropriately?
    - Empathic and communicative leadership competence
    - Relationship, work and team-spirit reinforcement
    - Active design of change process initiatives


  • Trainer impulse
  • Group work
  • Collegial coaching
  • Partner work
  • Mental training
  • Team activities



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