Presenting Professionally - Advanced Training


Your Situation

You already have basic competencies to present your ideas, products, results, etc. effectively and in an interesting manner in your specific business situations. You are familiar with the basic ideas of a solid presentation you and you have collected experience in presenting (target group analysis, preparation, visualization, how to handle disturbances, structure and purpose of your presentation, etc.).

You are seeking further content, ideas and practical examples for the topic “presenting professionally” and like to work actively on your personal style of presenting.

We recommend participants to join the basic presentation skills training “Presenting Professionally” before attending the seminar.

Your Benefit

Increase your self-confidence and sovereignty in presenting your ideas and improve your individual presentation style. Your acquired skills will be analyzed and improved, your strengths will be developed and your development potential plus practical recommendations will be evaluated.

On the basis of psychological facts, you learn more about the behavior and dynamic of your potential audience.

Take the chance to benefit the most from this seminar by focusing is on your practical participation and a common constructive feedback opportunity.




  • Psychological aspects of learning and behavior
  • Basics of group dynamics
  • Detailed analysis of individual presentation concerning the presentation style, including body language, voice and how others perceive you
  • Recommendation of personal individual actions and check of practical progress
  • Secure demeanor and practice how to handle disturbances during presentations
  • Basics of "Presenting Professionally online"


Module I: 2 days

  • Business presentations with video-based feedback
  • Rework of your presentation for module 2 with the implementation of the acquired skills.
  • Learning tandems and practical work in small groups


Module II: Live online Training (virtual, 05, day)

  • Explanation of the rework process, of your own presentation for the group
  • Presentations with feedback from the group and trainer concerning your learning success
  • Reflecting on and strengthening your sense of self- worth.


  • Theoretical Input
  • Role Play
  • Group Work
  • Video Feedback
  • Peer Consulting



Team Development, Personality Development




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