Be good when it matters – unleash your potential through mental strength


Your situation

You often work under challenging conditions and have to deliver your message to the point? In such situations you feel a sense of emotional instability and would like to deal with it more confidently? You have a feeling that you can´t draw on you full potential when you are under pressure and even become less present physically?

You want replace self-deprecating and negative thoughts in stressful situations with constructive thoughts and achieve an alignment between your internal and external mind set? You need mental methods which enable you to act in a goal-oriented and courageous manner when under pressure?

Your benefit

In this seminar you will learn the mental factors which contribute to an optimum state of performance and also experience how you can call them up when under pressure. With the help of different exercises related to the subject of self-awareness belief, the regulation of well-being and stimulation, concentration and focus as well as implementation intention, you will be able to further develop your mental strength during and after the seminar.


  • Creating harmony between internal and external mindset
  • ­ Factors related to role confidence
  • ­ Techniques to calm yourself down and regulate your emotions
  • ­ Varying mindsets during preparation and performance
  • ­ Neuroleadership
  • ­ Creating your intentions for implementation and putting them into practice
  • ­ Attentive use of your own resources


  • Working with somatic markers
  • ­ Reflection tasks
  • ­ Individual coaching
  • ­ Working with case studies
  • ­ Information transfer from the worlds of art and sport
  • ­ Physical methods & breathing exercises
  • ­ Group work
  • ­ Self-instructive regulation and visualization techniques
  • ­ Resource-oriented feedback



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