How to organize professional and family life!


Your situation

This training is designed for any company specialist or manager, a manager, department, team or project leader or employee on or returning from paternity leave. Male and female participants who have families and wish to be successful in delivering top performance at work are welcome to this training.

Your Benefit

This training prepares you for your professional re-entry after paternity leave. Personal career planning that reconciles with family life is the main focus. Strategies such as family and professional time management, relaxation techniques will help you to achieve this balance more easily.


Preparing the professional re-entry

  • Personal status evaluation: Where do I stand? Where do I want to be? My qualification profile
  • Addressing the personnel department and your superior


Back at work

  • Family organization: managing times and appointments


How to organize professional and family life

  • Working parents: Who assumes which role and responsibility?
  • Business trips despite family?
  • Work-time models
  • Home office? Is it the ideal solution?
  • What roles do partners play?
  • Family time


Career planning

  • My goals and next steps
  • Leading result oriented development talks
  • Keeping your hold on the reins


The seminar is practice-oriented. Professional input, group and individual work, collegial supervision, self-analysis, participant questions, exchange and discussion are part of the program.



Team Development, Leadership, Personality Development




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