"Personal Performance" - The somewhat different Rhetoric Training


Your Situation

Everybody who has to speak in front of other people.

Your Benefit

Such a difference in the length of the seminar, difference in approach, different working hours and different again by intensity. The basis for the "Personal Performance" seminar is our authenticity approach. The target is to give back to the participants the natural pleasure of talking to other people. The participants acquire, develop and revise several speeches with different styles of speech. You will be learning how to handle surprises and stress situations.


  • The authentic speaker
  • The effect of language and voice
    Dramaturgy  of speeches/talks in various styles of speech
  • Bidding for attention and installing different attractions/stimulations
  • Structures of speech
  • Figures of speech, and establishing a red thread
  • Twisters or slips of the tongue
  • Designing use of media appropriately
  • Target analysis, analysis of target group
  • How to deal with blackout situations
  • How to respond appropriately to cat calls  or hecklers
  • How to handle interruptions and interrupters


From the method point of view we put emphasis on opposites:

  • Spontaneity and thorough preparation
  • Surprises and being notified long in advance
  • Talk given by trainer and practical work
  • Individual talks and video analysis
  • Proper use of voice, words and body language
  • Intensive, dense work and recreation phases



Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership, Personality Development


English, German


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