Self-Management – Develop your own success strategy


Your Situation

Over the past few years, the level of job stress has significantly and noticeably increased. You feel like a hamster on the running wheel. You run and run but never get anywhere.

Even if you ask for priorities, you get only evasive answers. It seems more responsibility is being delegated to you. The time has come for you to jump of the running wheel and ask yourself:

  • What do I really want?
  • What is my most important task?
  • How do I do the "right thing the right way"?
  • Old habits are difficult to change. However, professional self-management makes everything possible.

Your Benefit

In the seminar "Self-management" you will learn more about your personality, your way of thinking and communication and develop your own success strategy. This proactive mindset and these clever methods will help you optimize your success and the success of your department.

An example:

Imagine you are in a room with other people. Several Euro bills are on the floor. There are many 5 €- bills and a few 200 € bills. As soon as the game begins, everyone will jump on the bills. Whoever has strong nerves will leave the 5 € bills aside and try to concentrate getting the big bills.

If you believe, you can achieve, if you don't, you won't! That is the magic trick.


  • CMT personality profile, what really motivates me? How do I maximize my job satisfation?
  • Stress and performance: How do I achieve the top curve without putting myself at risk for burnout or frustration, how do I find the fun and joy of working again?
  • Azuro Method, a model of professional change. This model enables you to distinguish causes and symptoms and secure lasting change.
  • Jump over your "shadow"! How can I turn my weakness into new strength?


  • Professional Input
  • Coaching
  • Group work
  • Supervision results
  • Collegial supervision



Personality Development




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