Successful Self-Management – Broadening your own Development Competencies


Your situation

You already have some years of professional experience and want to expand your professional and personal development further as well as clarifying and achieving your goals. You want to practice self-reflection in order to get to know yourself better – your own habits, strengths, areas of development and your personality – in order to formulate and follow your vision for the future.

Now is the time to analyse your self-organization and discover ways to work more effectively as well as more efficiently. You want to make conscious decisions instead of being controlled by others in order to get through the day more relaxed and to experience success.

Working with others plays a big role in your life and you would like to appear self-confident, to communicate your own ideas convincingly and deal confidently with resistance.

Today´s working world holds many challenges. You want to master these challenges.

Your benefit

In the blended program "Successful Self-management", you will profit from:

  • Confronting yourself – which strengths can I rely on and which abilities would I like to develop further?
  • Exercises using various tools and methods to ensure their personal integration into everyday life
  • Feedback and ideas/tips from your trainer and from your fellow seminar participants
  • On-going follow-up on your development goals by incorporating three online modules as well as two classroom modules


Analyzing and understanding your own personality

Dealing with challenges

  • Recognizing and managing stress
  • Making vigilance a part of everyday life
  • Understanding changes and aligning them with your own goals

Structuring and planning

  • Getting to know and practising time management approaches
  • Setting priorities
  • Planning tasks

Future orientation

  • My areas of development and possibilities
  • My life balance: doing resource-oriented work
  • My personal goals

Dealing with resistance

  • Conflict management
  • Co-operation v. dominance
  • Giving and taking feedback

Confident behavior

  • My strengths and successes
  • Convincing and inspiring others
  • Knowing team resources and using them confidently

Team orientation


  • Facilitated discussions
  • technical input
  • self-reflection
  • group work
  • simulations
  • collegial advice
  • live online sessions



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