The Art of Mastering Assertiveness - Managing the Balance between Confrontation and Agreement


Your Situation

You would like to argue your point of view clearly and convincingly and stand up for your interests and convictions. Furthermore, you want to behave constructively in conflict situations without being thrown into an apparently unsolvable dilemma because you are afraid of the negative consequences.
You want to trust your feelings without them overwhelming you and maintain control of yourself even in difficult discussions.
You would like to develop your professional and personal contacts on the basis of mutual respect and acceptance, while showing that you are able to make compromises yet without accepting "lame compromises".
When it comes to your contacts with other people – whether they are colleagues, employees, customers or supervisors, you want to view yourself as self-reliant and self-confident, able to distance yourself from manipulative or aggressive behaviour, and present yourself as a conversation and negotiation partner who is to be taken seriously.

Your Benefit

The goal of this 2-day seminar is first of all, to give you a deeper understanding of your own current situation and of the communication dynamics and root causes of conflicts you may have experienced.
Using this as a basis, you will be in a position to develop new approaches and courses of action.
Secondly, within the protective framework of a small group of people learning together, you will have the opportunity to experience the effect of new behavior strategies through concrete and practical exercises. This, in turn, will assist you in real life situations to adopt a clear stance, set your own limits appropriately and to act with self-confidence.


  • The sense and (apparently?) nonsense related to the behavior of human beings - why do we act the way we do? How much potential for change is hidden inside us?
  • ­The power of thought – how strong is self-image, how does our image of others influence our interaction with people and how we can use this.
  • ­The power of feelings – how can I steer my emotions to maintain control over my behavior?
  • ­How does "self-assertion "work – how can I treat myself AND the person I am dealing with respectfully?
  • ­A NO means NO – presenting your own decision clearly and confidently.
  • ­Constructive feedback as an opportunity for development.

Participants' individual issues described on their questionnaire will be collected shortly before the start of the workshop.




  • Technical input
  • self-reflection with key questions
  • work in small groups
  • simulation of conversations
  • action - reflection - learning


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