Interpersonal skills when working with people from different cultural backgrounds


Your Situation

You are a master craftsman, shift leader or team leader and work together with employees from different cultural backgrounds ? You would like to achieve a cooperative and efficient working environment? Your goal is to integrate new employees from different cultures quickly and smoothly into your culturally diverse team.

Your Benefit

You will enhance your repertoire of behavioural skills by working with employees from different cultures and with different working methods. This seminar will sensitize you for "diversity" and will help you in your daily communication and team work. By recognizing the existing differences to the German way of thinking and working, you can avoid potential misunderstandings and conflicts, and thereby achieve better results with your team.


  • Cultural values in comparison and their effects on work operations, thinking and working habits in your day-today business as a leader
  • Communication styles and handling difficult situations
  • Developing a checklist for successful collaboration
  • German culture and values in the mirror image of how we see ourselves and how others see us
  • Building blocks for successful integration in the workplace


  • Technical input
  • simulations
  • exercises
  • case studies
  • group work

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Leadership & Management Production, Personality Development, Intercultural Collaboration


English, German, French, Chinese


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