Individual Coaching for Project Manager


Your situation

You are a project manager or sub-project manager and as such, you are under pressure to achieve the project objectives within an often tight time schedule and to a planned budget. In this intense field, you would like to work on the specific challenges of an ongoing project. Or you are taking over a new project and want to set it up and plan it correctly from the beginning.

Your benefit

In project coaching, you are able to reflect on your approach to the project in a confidential 1:1 situation with your coach - who is also an experienced project manager - and receive competent feedback. We see ourselves as a sparring partner, with whom you can let your project frustration out and motivation take over. We help you to gain an insight into the situation, to develop confidence in your own resources and to define and implement concrete steps for action.


The content is based around your strengths and is determined by you and your coach before the coaching begins.
Possible topic focal points:

  • Management of stakeholders
  • Leadership in the project: the project leader is a leader without disciplinary authority. How do you lead your project employees?
  • Structured preparation of important decision-making processes or meetings
  • Joint project review within the current project
  • Resolution of conflict situations with project participants or stakeholders
  • Team development and improvement of communication.
  • Dealing with resistance within the project environment
  • Project crisis: reflect on the causes of the project crisis and discuss ideas and measures to get the project back on the road to success
  • Project marketing: what is the reputation of your project both from inside and the outside? What measures do you take to advertize your project?


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