Anette Göll

CONTUR Hanover

Partner of CONTUR, personnel and organisational developer and coach

Responsible for the Business Field Leadership


Your Way to CONTUR

After a classical training as a druggist, I switched to human resources development after some time. As a trained trainer and facilitator – working in different leadership functions and situations – I was able to experience the whole spectrum of leadership first hand – leading without a superior function; colleague today, leader tomorrow; new to leadership; old hand.

With the birth of our son, I decided to gain new experiences not only in my private life, but also professionally. I changed “the side of the desk” and in 2008 I found a framework at CONTUR that enables modern working with flexible working hours and locations. Above all, I was and still am enthusiastic about the spirit in which I can develop freely, contribute my ideas and advance topics. Being part of CONTURies fills me with great satisfaction and also a bit of pride!




Rooted in the OWL region (Ostwestfalen-Lippe), I live with my husband and our son “in the countryside” – close to nature between the Wiehengebirge and the Teutoburg Forest. This is probably where my passion for “meditative weeding” in my garden comes from. As a balance to the provinces, I like to explore foreign cities and let myself be carried away by the colourful hustle and bustle and temperament of the small and large metropolises. I always draw mental strength when I feel sand and water under my feet and can look at the sea. It doesn’t matter to me where that is – whether it’s Durban or Dangast – every place has its beauty if you just look the right way.