Harald Penner

Location: Hanover

Consultant for intercultural collaboration, team development and train-the-trainer, as well as conception and implementation of virtual, hybrid and blended programmes in the Digital Product Development team.

My hobbies include travelling, running, cycling, playing badminton and football, climbing, reading and doing puzzles.


Your Way to CONTUR

Since graduating in media studies with a focus on digital and intercultural communication, I have been able to live out my passion for bringing people together and promoting them in a variety of ways: be it expanding the South-East Asian network of the state of Berlin as the managing director of the Asia-Pacific Network Berlin, as an independent consultant in China, Indonesia and the Philippines, or as a hub for companies, universities, teachers and students of the CDHK lighthouse project at Tongji University Shanghai. My goal has always been to build bridges between different horizons of understanding, to recognise and promote potential.  I was finally able to live out this passion in a diverse and fulfilling way as an advisor to CONTUR. International, multicultural projects in South-East Asia, the introduction of Office 365 and the development of the Shanghai Office and its hybrid way of working, as well as the expansion of digital training offers of the global CONTUR initiative, were central milestones for my very personal lifelong learning.



Discovering new things, understanding people in their own contexts, and gaining an “outside perspective” on one’s own self are my drivers for regular travels and projects around the globe. In particular, the region of Southeast Asia and especially China keep attracting me. I have been working with/in a transnational environment for over 10 years and love the multilingual and multicultural exchange and especially the food. China has been deeply rooted in my heart since my first visit in 1993 and has therefore cast a particularly deep spell on me. Sichuan has become my favorite cuisine, Yunnan my favorite destination for coffee and tea plantations and Henan, together with Shanghai is even family’s new center of attraction. Nevertheless, I am also drawn again and again to the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia with its very own personal memories and exciting local diversity.
At the same time, Germany, especially Northern Hesse, will always remain my home – even if it sometimes takes me several weeks to overcome my “reverse-culture-shock” after each return. My second great passion is technical developments, trying out and discovering new hardware and software. As a former manager of CONTUR-IT in China and Germany, I was able to look behind different scenes and contribute my technical background in a targeted way. In the context of the international cooperation with the CONTUR colleagues in Germany, China and Mexico, there is always the possibility to collect new technical experiences, to try them out and to pass them on again in trainings/workshops.