Sara Blum


Digital Product Development and Quality Management / Digi-Team

Master of Arts “Sustainable Leisure and Tourism Development”


Your Way to CONTUR

At the end of my studies, clear focal points for my professional interests emerged – digitalisation, sustainability, lifelong learning and trend research. On the one hand, I was probably unlucky to finish my studies in the leisure and tourism sector in the middle of the Corona pandemic. On the other hand, I was also lucky that many institutions were facing the challenge of digitalising their work processes and offerings. So the opportunity arose for me to enter the field of process management and digitalisation at a university. In addition to working on processes, I designed and implemented digital events and advisory services for exchange students and worked on projects for the introduction of international virtual courses.

This previous experience brought me to the Digi team at CONTUR. Since January 2022, I have been responsible for digital product development and quality management here. Additionally, I like to be an understudy for our digital trainings!




I’m from near Bremen and currently work partly from Lisbon and partly from Bremen. The digitalisation push in recent years has played into my hands a lot, as I like to be on the move and get to know new places. I am very happy to have found an employer in CONTUR where the concept of New Work is lived and promoted. In my free time, I am a passionate trainer in fitness, dance and yoga. I have a lot of fun continuing my education in these areas and passing on my enthusiasm to course participants. In my youth, music (singing and piano) was also always an important companion for me. My goal for the near future is to find more time for it again!