Sara Blum


Trainer on topics related to collaborating / Team Digital Learning

Master of Arts “Sustainable Leisure and Tourism Development”


Your Way to CONTUR

During my studies, clear focal points for my professional interests emerged: Digitization, Sustainability, Lifelong Learning and Trend Research. I completed my master’s degree in 2020 in the middle of the Corona pandemic – at a time when many institutions and organizations were facing the challenge of digitizing their workflows and offerings. So the opportunity arose for me to join a university in the field of process management and digitization. In addition to optimizing processes, I designed and implemented virtual events and advising services for students there and worked on projects for the introduction of international virtual courses.

I’ve been at CONTUR since January 2022 and can be found in two teams here. In the Digital Learning team, I am responsible for digital product development and quality management, among other things. I coordinate technical support and web moderators for our virtual events and ensure that our quality standards for digital learning are met. I work as a trainer and consultant in the Collaboration team. My heart as a trainer beats for communication and sustainability. For me, this includes all facets of communication from synchronous to asynchronous, from conducting conversations to presentations, in presence, virtually and hybrid and preferably with an intercultural perspective. Out of personal conviction, I take responsibility for sustainable development and would like to sensitize companies to sustainable thinking and action and encourage employees to develop and implement sustainable ideas. I also moderate international and national large group events on behalf of CONTUR.

I come from near Bremen and have a bachelor’s degree in cultural studies and a master’s degree in sustainable leisure and tourism development. Analogous to my master’s degree, I like to travel to get to know new places.

In my free time, I am a passionate trainer in fitness, dance and yoga. I have a lot of fun continuing my education in these areas and passing on my enthusiasm to course participants.


I am interested in trends that change and challenge society. Following my studies, I wrote a book describing trends that affect Gen Z and created possible future scenarios from it.

One of the driving trends for HR development is the megatrend New Work. Personally, I am very happy to have found an employer in CONTUR where this concept is lived and promoted.