Stefanie Banko

Team Hannover and much virtual “on the road

Personnel developer as consultant and coach with focus on diagnostics

I studied geography/tourism and human resources development a long time ago.


Your Way to CONTUR

… 15 years ago I joined CONTUR, although I never really wanted to become a trainer and consultant. But after 7 years in internal HR development, the time for change had come and I was curious about working “on the other side”. From communication training, time and self-management and 360° feedback, I quickly found my favourite field, diagnostics. From assessment centres for trainees, leadership feedback to potential diagnostics for prospective department heads, from the initial brainstorming to conception to implementation at home and abroad, the subject is a lot of fun for me and never gets boring.




I live in the beautiful town of Burgdorf near Hanover with my husband and two children. I like to go jogging and, if time and my aches and pains allow it, I occasionally play volleyball, which I did intensively for 25 years. Especially in spring and summer, I spend every free minute in my garden, because I am also happy in my private life when it grows around me and unfolds its potential, because I have created the right conditions and thus growth and development is possible. I also like to sew and paint, but far too little. So it was a good fit when I was asked if I would like to draw the CONTUR stick figures.