Wiebke Steinel

At home in the north

Organizational developer with passion

Puzzles instead of Zen Garden

Wiebke Steinel


I like to call myself a Northern light, with family roots in East Frisia, numerous stations in Lower Saxony, a semester abroad in Copenhagen and a passion for Scandinavia in general. My almost ten-year station in Baden-Württemberg also had its appeal, even though I now live in the north again.

I like to be in nature, preferably on the back of a horse, on the beach of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea or hiking in the mountains.

In the quiet moments I like to read a book (again, Scandinavian authors are high on my bestseller list) or forget about time while doing a puzzle, although it only gets interesting for me after 2,500 pieces (“just this one more piece…”).

Your way to CONTUR

I have known CONTUR for 10 years. First, I worked with CONTUR in my role as OE/PEler at a hidden champion, developing and implementing concepts. Later I was a training participant on virtual collaboration and leadership. The contact always remained and then the time came to change perspective and expand my horizons as a trainer and consultant.

The topics of strategy and organizational development still drive me, but the topic of sustainability is also gaining in importance and offers me the opportunity to generate new knowledge and accompany organizations on their way into the future.

Questions to you

  • What job did you do while you were in school?

    Packing animal feed on a piecework basis

  • Do you have a favorite karaoke song?

    White Flag by Dido

  • What was the last book you read?

    Hate by Arne Dahl (and before that all other parts of the OPCOP series and the whole Berger and Blom series)

  • What do you intend to do to contribute to more sustainability?

    Quality instead of quantity (consume less, repair instead of renew) and create less (plastic) waste

  • Which movie made you cry the most?

    When it comes to television, I can shed tears quickly, whether it’s a report, a series or a feature film. But the film “Hin und Weg” has remained a special memory for me.