Inhouse Seminars and Learning Journeys

Tailor-made for your company
Customized training and learning journeys for your company increase sustainable effectiveness.

CONTUR people

Efficient, cost- and resource-saving

Locally at your site – and also internationally

Virtual and hybrid on different platforms

CONTUR two man discussion

Adapted to the specifics of your company

In close cooperation with you, we develop training and learning journeys. Typically, training imparts skills and competencies that are tested in the training room.

However, in our Learning Journeys we go one step further and integrate and facilitate the transfer into practice to ensure effectiveness and sustainable learning.  In doing so, we use proven learning formats for topics of your choice.


This is how we proceed

Clarification of individual client needs (topic, setting, client, participants)
Preparation of the offer with initial training design
Speaker recommendation (with trainer profile, resume and references)
Additional services available
Cost estimate

In-depth analysis of the current situation (problems issues, objectives, participant expectations)
Getting to know and coordinating with the selected trainer/consultant (briefing, concept, client information)
Coordination of learning architecture and design with the client and/or stakeholders

Administration of the event (hotel, participants, training materials, certificates, etc.) – depending on the customer’s requirements
Conducting of the seminar/event

Feedback forms for participants to evaluate the seminar
Feedback evaluation for the client
Debriefing with the client (review and evaluation)
Consultation for the optimal learning journey
Definition of next steps



Stephan Piwanski

Head of Personnel & Organizational Development

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