Aleksandra Civric-Heim

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Aleksandra Civric-Heim’s life, which can definitely be called “international”, began in 1974. She lived in various places in Germany, 6 years in China and as a child in the USA. Currently she lives with her husband near Frankfurt. As a freelance consultant, trainer and coach she is part of the network and closely connected to CONTUR GmbH. 

She holds a degree in electrical engineering/communications engineering (Berufsakademie Ravensburg) and feels at home at the interface between people and technology or people and processes. In addition to the trainer aptitude test (IHK), she has completed a Six Sigma Blackbelt training, a Train-the-Online-Trainer certificate (CONTUR GmbH) as well as a coaching training on PPC level (IFC certificate).  

Her professional commitments clearly reflect that Aleksandra Civric-Heim loves structure, order and efficiency. She started as a systems integrator in the aerospace industry, was a product trainer for satellite modems and manager for operational excellence before turning to a new field, human resources development. Today she works as an international trainer and consultant for topics around process improvement, project management and change, and as a coach for topics around self-management and work organization, among others. Her working languages are German and English, her target group ranges from project managers to top management. She enjoys training both online and in a face-to-face format. 

Freedom and creativity are important to her. Aleksandra Civric-Heim enjoys traveling, keeping fit with Pilates, skiing, hiking or swimming, and also volunteering – especially for children and young people. 

Aleksandra Civric Heim