Bernd Köpke

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Born in 1958 and raised in the Black Forest, Bernd Köpke has been at home in the Rhineland for 30 years. He is married, has two grown-up sons and an agile tomcat as roommate. For many years, he has worked as a business coach and consultant in global companies and as a freelance trainer and consultant in the CONTUR GmbH network on the topic of emotional intelligence.

He studied business education at the University of Mannheim, graduating as a commercial teacher. In the further course of his professional life, he expanded his knowledge in addition to practical experience through consistent further education. He is a Systemic Coach (CCC professional), Coach (DVNLP), Performance Consultant (ISPI), LAB-Profile Consultant/Trainer, HBDI Consultant/Trainer and Practitioner of Generative Coaching (IAGC). His most recent training: Certified EQ Coach (Six Seconds), his most recent certification: PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

Before becoming a consultant, he was an executive in a DAX company and was also actively involved in projects on structural change in the Ruhr region during this time. With his expertise in emotional intelligence and generative change, he supports leaders and teams in creating a cultural environment in which people can grow personally and enjoy shared success. Seminars on the topics of leadership and change, coaching of executives and management teams, as well as moderation and support of change processes are the main focus of his portfolio of services.

Bernd Köpke loves nature, hiking, running, getting to know other countries and cultures. He describes himself as a “soccer enthusiast” with a lot of heart and team spirit and is not only a BVB fan but also a club member. A matter close to his heart is supporting the education of children and young people. For this purpose, he is an active member of Future for Kinds – Kenya e. V. And he still has at least one dream in life: to live in his favorite place, San Clemente in Southern California. Maybe it will come true soon after all.