Birgit Freitag

Trainer and consultant at CONTUR

Birgit Freitag, born and raised on the Lower Rhine near Dinslaken, has made her home in the countryside on the outskirts of Hanover with her husband and son after working in various positions in Germany.

Her professional background includes a degree in chemical engineering specialising in nuclear and biochemistry as well as business administration and information technology.

She has been a certified coach for contextual individual and business coaching since 2011 and has continued her training in systemic organisational development and change management (ISB Wiesloch). With many years of experience in the corporate environment, particularly in project management, as well as a certified qualification in the FourRooms of Change® Certification Program, she brings a broad range of skills to the table. She is currently training as a transformation consultant at the Academy for Transformation Design in Berlin.

In her career, Birgit Freitag has held various positions in the cosmetics and automotive industries, including Head of International Quality Management and International Project Management, focussing on the development and support of project management systems. She has already established professional relationships with CONTUR GmbH and has been involved in training programmes and workshops. In addition, she has gained extensive experience in the moderation of international strategy workshops, accompanied by stays abroad, and has worked as an internal coach and mentor.

As Head of Businessfield Sustainability and Diversity at CONTUR GmbH, she now combines her diverse professional knowledge and international experience with her passion for interacting with different cultures.

In addition to her professional activities, she cultivates her love of nature by jogging, hiking, bouldering and enjoys relaxing with good music and a glass of wine.

Birgit Freitag