Carla Gosch

Trainer and Consultant at CONTUR

After graduating from high school in Bad Sobernheim, Carla Gosch, born in 1987, studied sociology and educational science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, focusing on micro-sociology, understanding and symbols, adult education and biographical research. In 2014, she received her Magistra Artium degree.

During her studies, Carla Gosch worked as a student assistant for the Fraunhofer (IML) Institute for Mobility and Logistics in Frankfurt.

After her studies, she joined CONTUR GmbH in Frankfurt in the field of seminar management deployments and language training. She then moved to CONTUR’s customer management department, where she was responsible for customer consulting and project management. After gaining her qualification as an online trainer (K. Königstein) and  an internal CONTUR trainer training, Carla Gosch now also works as a trainer and consultant at CONTUR GmbH in Frankfurt and has both virtual and face-to-face trainings in the areas of communication, conflict management and time and self management with a strong focus on self-reflection. Furthermore, she has many diagnostic assignments in the field of recruiting and management development and is active as a consultant, supervisor and moderator of assessment and development centers. So far, Carla Gosch has not only worked in Germany but also in Belgium as a trainer and consultant.


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