Farid Feriduni

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Farid Feriduni was born in Lübeck in 1968, has German-Persian roots and grew up with both languages and cultures. He was therefore born cosmopolitan and this is also how the stations of his life look like. In addition to Hamburg, Hildesheim, Göttingen and Hanover, he has lived in Budapest, Valencia and Madrid for many years.

Farid Feriduni’s first career was in the IT sector, where he held various management positions in the retail sector, including managing the Spanish branch of an international IT retail group (top ranking in B2C online retail, high 3-digit million turnover per year).

During this time, Farid Feriduni became more and more responsible for human resources and organizational development and so it was an obvious decision of the heart to become self-employed as a trainer and consultant almost 15 years ago. In addition to a variety of international assignments, including as an external project manager and consultant, this was also the beginning of his cooperation with CONTUR GmbH; at that time for project management training.

For more than 10 years now, Farid Feriduni has been part of CONTUR’s permanent pool of trainers and, in addition to project management, his core competencies now also include self- and time management as well as sales training; always taking into account the many facets of the digital transformation of our working world and always with a special focus on the communication aspects.

Speaking of communication, languages remain one of Farid Feriduni’s passions; he speaks German, English, Spanish and Persian. He would like to reactivate French and Hungarian if time permits.

The only thing he still often despairs of is speaking Allgäu, almost 5 years after moving with his wife and son from Hanover to West Allgäu. Fortunately, here he can follow the common family enthusiasm for the mountains with them (and in the meantime also with Australian Shepherd “Benji”) and enjoy the wonderful nature around the foothills of the Alps and Lake Constance in all seasons.


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