Florence Guesnet

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Florence Guesnet was born and raised in Bensberg near Cologne. In addition to German and English, she also speaks fluent French – because she has German-French parents. After many changes of residence to Great Britain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, she returned to the Rhineland. She now lives there with her husband.

She studied economics in Wuppertal with a focus on “work and personnel” after qualifying as a garment seamstress. Florence Guesnet has been trained as a coach since 2015 and has been a “Professional Certified Coach” with the largest International Coaching Association ICF since 2020 (trained by MMS with rating “brilliant”). She was a member of the Program Commission 2015 of the annual ESOMAR- Congress and “Marketer of the Year” 2014 Cannes Lions.

Florence Guesnet has extensive experience as an executive in international renowned companies such as Procter & Gamble, Melitta, Estée Lauder Companies as well as Heineken International. Before starting her own business as a consultant and trainer, she worked for many years in market research, corporate strategy and innovation. The content focus of her work included customer-centric marketing strategies, brand positioning, customer segmentation, UX journeys, and digitalization of customer relationships.

Florence Guesnet’s current content focus is on topics such as “courage in life, courage in leadership” (challenging oneself), self-leadership (recognizing oneself and enabling personal growth), and strategy consulting (identifying growth opportunities, organizing companies/teams, creating and executing long-term plans).

With this background, she stands out as an experienced, empathic trainer and coach at CONTUR and is at home in the areas of executive coaching, training (leadership and self-leadership) and strategy as well as marketing consulting.

Florence Guesnet enjoys spending her free time in the company of her friends and extended family. In her listed vacation home in the Wendland region, she gathers energy for new tasks by taking care of her house and garden as well as with her circle of friends. She also enjoys playing golf, going running and doing yoga to relax and stay fit.

Florence Guesnet