Isabelle Hansen

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Being raised by her French mother and her German father, who was a ship’s captain, Isabelle Hansen sailed around the world on a container ship.

Having a love for other countries in her blood, she eventually studied East Asian Studies with a focus on China and Business Administration at the University of Hamburg, the Ruhr University in Bochum and also in Beijing Yuyuan Xueyuan.

In her various professional activities – primarily in marketing – Isabelle Hansen was also always deployed internationally and traveled extensively. Besides German, English and French, she also speaks Chinese.

She took part in many further trainings and among others trained as a systemic coach (Bareth Coaching Academy), as a team coach and as an international trainer (dgikt-certified). With these qualifications and her professional experience, she decided to start her own business as a trainer, consultant and systemic coach. She is also part of the CONTUR GmbH network. Due to her expertise in the business and intercultural field, she gives many trainings at CONTUR on the topic of multicultural team development, intercultural sensitization and on China-specific topics. In addition, she accompanies change processes, offers conflict coaching and gives solution-focused workshop facilitation. Along the way, she continues to further her education.

In her free time, Isabelle Hansen travels a lot and is always on the lookout for undiscovered places. She also does a lot of sports: she dives, sails and swims. She often goes jogging and also takes part regularly in boot camps.

Isabelle Hansen