Katrin Klösener

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Katrin Klösener, born and raised near Dresden in 1961, is now (probably) settled in the beautiful Ruhr area, after moving every four years on average. She is married, mother of two great, long grown up daughters and loving grandma of two wonderful grandchildren. She has been a trainer and consultant in the CONTUR GmbH network for many years on the topics of conflict competence development, self-management and communication.

She has a degree in social work and after 35 years of social work in different roles and fields of work, she is equipped with a lot of empathy for people in difficult life situations. As a trainer, educator and coach, she has been passionately involved in supporting human development processes for more than 30 years and describes herself as “incorrigibly hungry for education and development”, which is reflected, among other things, in several consulting and coaching trainings. These include NLP Master-Practitioner and Coach (NLP-Resonance-Training G. Kutschera/SPECTRUM Kommunikationstraining Berlin); Systemic Coach (ISP Bielefeld); Introvision-Coach (dehner academy Konstanz); Schema-Coach (Dr. Migge Seminare); advanced training in Systemic Family and Systemic Counseling (IFKP Wittlich); advanced training in EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Institut für Metakommunikation Jena); online trainer (BDVT and WiPec Dresden)

She worked with leadership responsibility in the social sector and was full-time responsible for concept development, planning and implementation of trainings as well as consulting for specialists and executives, accompanied and moderated team development processes and began her part-time work as a coach of specialists and executives in the social sector and the free economy. Since 2015, Katrin Klösener has been self-employed, focusing on the topics of goal-oriented, appreciative communication and optimization of communication processes, conflict clarification and conflict competence, self-assertion and self-esteem strengthening, stress management and resilience, as well as strengthening motivation.

Having obtained her license for “small” motorcycles at the proud age of 54, she is a passionate biker, but also loves to ride her bike fearlessly since the advent of e-bikes. She also likes to spend her free time as a music-crazy concert-goer, from rock to classical music.


Katrin Klösener