Marcus Vock

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Marcus Vock holds a degree in business administration with a focus on HR, business law and psychology. In the course of his studies and professional career, he has lived in Hamburg, London, Rotterdam, Moscow and Zurich, among other places.

In his first 17 years of professional life, Marcus took on leadership roles in marketing, sales, business development and innovation management for international corporations (including Unilever and Kraft Foods), managing a large number of people both disciplinarily and in projects. Through this collaboration in teams from the USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Russia, UAE, Dubai, Oman and China, among others, he sensitized his “intercultural antennae”.

Today, Marcus follows his credo in consulting and implementing customer projects: with heart and mind. This applies to his own consulting, which he has been leading since 2010, as well as to his work as a partner of CONTUR.

Marcus combines his own leadership experience with the latest methods and findings from research and science. His focus is on workshop facilitation, team development, leadership and communication training.

Marcus develops professionally and personally by integrating self-taught education, exchange with network partners, coaching and reflection of the diverse impulses and experiences from his various customer projects.
Currently, for example, he is working intensively on the organization and effects of hybrid collaboration in teams.

In his free time, Marcus trains horses on his farm in the Lüneburg Heath. Here he recharges his batteries, but he can’t resist doing team events with horses.

Marcus Vock