Martin Braun

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Martin Braun, 58, lives close to the Bodensee, Germany. The core of his coaching sessions and trainings is always about how people in business deal with each other constructively and promote each other.

He studied adult education and psychology and has been working for more than 25 years with learning and development processes or methods and settings that promote learning and enable development. In this context, the new hybrid organizational world is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Martin Braun started with the focus on “dual education”, in which learning and personal development is certainly realized most systematically until today. And since every trainer needs leadership qualities par excellence, the step into the world of coaching and leadership development was a small one.

Supplemented by a series of systemic training courses, he now primarily advises those responsible for personnel development and coaches managers in various formats, as well as people who are on their way to becoming transformational leaders.

Martin Braun finds the necessary balance to intensive coaching sessions and trainings by hiking and sailing in the beautiful surroundings of the Bodensee.

Martin Braun