Norbert Barnikel

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Norbert Barnikel, who is based in Bavaria, studied business administration at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the University of Applied Sciences Munich on the one hand and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Munich on the other. He also took part in further training courses to become a Certified Trainer: Digital Marketing, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and a Business Trainer & Leadership.

Norbert Barnikel is primarily active in digital marketing. As a Habitual Entrepreneur, he supports many international startups with his knowledge and innovative ideas. He is considered a man of the first hour in the field of Digital Marketing Transformation and the New Work Movement. Due to his dreadlocks, he is also known as #TalkingDread in the scene.

As an independent coach, he passes on his knowledge in numerous seminars and courses. He also works as a freelance trainer and consultant in the network of CONTUR GmbH. He gives courses on digital transformation & innovation, on digital leadership, innovation management and on digital future & trend marketing.

Due to his professional experience and knowledge, Norbert Barnikel is also active in the research field. In addition, he gives many lectures at ICN Business School Nancy, TH Nuremberg and Quadriga University Berlin, among others. Furthermore, Norbert Barnikel is a dedicated author, blogger, podcaster and keynote speaker. Thus, he is able to share his expertise on innovation and digital science fiction with a broad audience.