Simon Schlander

Trainer and Consultant at CONTUR

Simon Schlander grew up at Lake Ammersee and, after graduating from high school, received his double-degree master’s degree in the “Finnish-German Master Program in Education” with a focus on the topic of supporting the self-learning competence of adults in the workplace at the University of Regensburg and the University of Turku.

After his studies, Simon Schlander joined CONTUR GmbH and trained internally in the areas of train the online trainer, train the trainer and interactive and effective online moderation. He works for CONTUR as a trainer and consultant, as well as in digital project support and seminar management. He is involved in the design and delivery of various blended and online trainings, moderates online meetings and assists in the execution of assessment centers. He is also involved in the development of new products in the field of digital learning and the use of digital tools for online training at CONTUR.

In his free time, Simon Schlander plays volleyball, both indoor and beach volleyball. He enjoys skiing – preferably doing carved turns in deep snow – and has a weakness for coffee and saunas.