Thomas Richter

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Born in North Hesse, Thomas Richter has lived in the Hanover region for a good 30 years, after various stations in Germany from Munich to Göttingen to the Eifel.

All of his professional positions in international corporations were directly related to human resources or human relations – more than 10 years of which were spent in training and further education. Here, there were already successful connections with CONTUR GmbH, where Thomas Richter was the client and thus the customer for various further education programs and workshop moderations of employees he supervised.

Thomas Richter studied economics, which included business administration, economics and organizational science. Among his professional stations, Continental AG, Hanover, and Honeywell Inc., Morristown, deserve special mention. As HR manager, he spent longer periods abroad, including 3 years as a member of the “Greenfield Timisoara” project team, building up the tire plant in Timisoara/Romania. He has experience in operational as well as strategic human resource management and in cooperation with IGBCE and IG Metall. Thomas Richter likes to deal with different characters and sees himself in the mediator role of various interests. A special focus is accompanying executives in their professional development.

“How quickly time flies” – Thomas Richter is the proud grandfather of two granddaughters and attaches great importance to a good balance between professional and private life. In addition to this new role, he enjoys traveling domestically and, when possible, long-distance, rides his motorcycle as often as he can, and has discovered cooking as a new hobby for himself during Corona Time. In addition, he has volunteered in disaster management for many years.