Tina Patel

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Tina Patel, who was born 1970, lives with her family close to Hannover, Germany. Her personal path is characterized by living and working experiences in three very different cultures: India, USA and Germany (“Hardware- Indian, Software- US-American, Upgrade- German”). She describes herself as a tree with roots from different countries/cultures. She is a freelance trainer and consultant in the network of CONTUR GmbH with a focus on intercultural communication for global business.

After completing her Bachelor of Science (USA) and Master of Public Health (USA/India), she completed her education with the certification as NLP Master, a trainer education (IHK, for Intercultural Communication and Competencies), as well as continuous education, e.g. Developing Multicultural Teams (Heidelberg) or Conception and Implementation of Intercultural Training (University of Jena). Tina Patel is also engaged as a university lecturer for intercultural communication.

Due to her own background, she has learned that communication with other nationalities brings a variety of cultural challenges, but also benefits. Her mission is to support companies and institutions that operate internationally to identify and understand the intercultural barriers in business – and to see them as opportunities. Now, she has more than 20 years of experience in intercultural training, country-specific training and intercultural communication for various industrial sectors.

Tina Patel’s latest leisure activity is building Lego models with her young son, just for fun. Besides that, she paints with henna to enhance creativity and does yoga to relax.

Tina Patel