Torsten Voller

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Torsten Voller was born in Hamburg in 1969 and lives there with his wife and two children.
He thinks systemically, transactionally and uses the energy of spontaneity and humor in his work.

After his training as a banker, Torsten Voller studied education at the University of Hamburg and worked for two years as a project manager in a digital agency.

He then turned his great passion, improvisational theater, into his profession.

Torsten Voller has been performing as an actor since 1992. Starting in 2001, he professionally built up one of the best-known German improvisation and business theaters as managing director while collaboratively leading the team of 18 people from an early stage.

During this time, Torsten Voller developed in-depth collaborations with companies from a wide range of industries. As a facilitator, systemic coach (DVBC certified), consultant and TA advisor (4-year training), Torsten Voller sharpened his eye for the overarching interrelationships within companies.

As a team developer he has an experienced eye for processes within teams and organizations. As a consultant, Torsten Voller has conceptually advised change processes and accompanied them in their implementation.

Based on his book “I’m totally spontaneous if you let me know in time”, he has brought the topic of spontaneity onto the stage of many corporate events with great ease. As a moderator, he designs and accompanies large corporate events.

Executives from a wide range of industries trust Torsten Voller as a coach in their personal development.
In the role as coach and trainer he shares due to his stage experience particularly for his knowledge to “appearance and effect” gladly in trainings and coachings.

His unique combination of business experience, stage presence and well-founded training make Torsten Voller a humorous yet goal-oriented communicator.

When working together, Torsten Voller is experienced as unashamedly honest, competent and with a great deal of ease.
Methodically, he works with conceptual models and intuitive knowledge as needed, but always resource-oriented to the needs of his clients.

Torsten Voller