Ulrike Balke-Holzberger

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Ulrike Balke-Holzberger, who was born in 1968, is a social psychologist and sociologist M.A. with a focus on health psychology, work and family (University of Hanover) and a registered pediatric nurse (University of Tübingen). She enjoys accompanying and supporting people in their diversity. Her work focuses on health, salutogenesis, mindfulness, stress reduction, relaxation and resilience, as well as corporate health management.

Since 2000, Ulrike Balke-Holzberger has been working as an independent organizational consultant, coach and trainer and has been working as a systemic family therapist in her own practice since 2007. Previously, she was the coordinator of corporate health management at the University of Hanover and a consultant for employee and management consulting at T-Mobile Germany.

She has been working successfully with the Fascia Stress Release Method (FSR) for many years and is a book author at Klett-Cotta Publisher on the topic of stress, psychosomatic back pain and learning and publishes about FSR in professional journals.

In her spare time she does a lot of sports, especially running is important to her, but also meditation, Qigong and gardening. Hiking and biking in the mountains are a wonderful balance for her on vacation, as well as reading in the sun on the beach.