Wiebke Steinel

Trainer and Consultant at CONTUR

Wiebke Steinel was born in Hanover in 1982 and is at home in the north. As part of her training as an industrial clerk, she moved to Düsseldorf, but returned to Lower Saxony for her bachelor’s degree in International Business & Management at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. During her semester abroad at Copenhagen Business School, her passion for Scandinavia was awakened. Wiebke Steinel then went to the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and studied the topics of organizational development, strategy and innovation management, which were exciting for her, in her Master’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship.

After starting her career at a hidden champion, Wiebke Steinel moved to Baden-Württemberg, where she first worked as a consultant for HR and organizational development, managing a global employee survey and designing and implementing a systematic HR development process. Wiebke Steinel was then responsible for Corporate Development and became involved in strategy and innovation management. She also managed and supported various Executive Board projects. In this role, she gained her first management responsibilities – both disciplinary and functional with an international team. Finally, Wiebke Steinel took over the function of Culture Manager and built up an international network to anchor this topic globally in the company.

After ten years, Wiebke Steinel returned to the north, where she gained further management experience as Head of Organizational Development & Process Management at a medium-sized company in the Hanover area and was able to advance the topic of organizational development, particularly in the areas of strategy and leadership, but also as part of a software rollout. Agile project management, digital transformation and process optimization were new topics she was able to get involved in.

Finally, the change of perspective appealed to her and so she has been working as a trainer and consultant at CONTUR since 2022 and is significantly involved in the core fields of change and sustainability. Furthermore, she conducts assessment and development centers in the field of management diagnostics.

In addition to her varied professional life, Wiebke Steinel enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book, and doing puzzles. The north is her home and a fresh breeze by the sea is pure relaxation for her.

Wiebke Steinel