Blog entry of Anja Stech | 29.04.2020

Virtual Learning Space Summit

Catapults into the future. Redesigning work with the BEST of all worlds.
One thing is already clear today: There will be no return to the „old normality”. What helps us now to reshape the world of work – also from an international perspective?
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Virtual Learning Space

International Online Event 12-14 May 2020

We offer the virtual space to share, along questions: What is the BEST of all worlds that we want to take with us into the future? What is important to us, what is valuable and how do we shape the future?

Together with international experts and participants from Germany, China, USA and Mexico we discuss questions such as:

Developments in the world of work are currently at a rapid pace. Virtual work and home office have a completely new meaning and are becoming more and more accepted. Teamwork, our work culture and management tasks are currently changing profoundly, sustainably, and this globally. We are shaping the future NOW – all together. And each for himself. 

Live Online-Workshops & Live Talks from all over the world

Share with us views, opinions & perspectives from 3 continents

  • What is the future of digitalization? Where do we stand today, what is valuable for the future?
  • Inspiring and guiding people virtually: How do I lead online employees, how do I act as a manager and as an employee? Am I already fit for digital work?
  • Building resilience & maintaining health. How do I stay efficient?
  • Learning from mistakes – what do we leave behind?


  • Best practices and experiences with international experts and participants from Germany, USA, China and Mexico
  • Virtual Cross-Networking on a global level
  • Keynote speeches by experts and interactive Live Online Workshops: Let yourself be inspired by the current virtual possibilities!