Onboarding for a perfect start!

Offer orientation and appreciation, generating enthusiasm from day one.
If you are hiring new managers and employees and want to ensure targeted, company-specific or cross-company onboarding in addition to the technical onboarding in the respective department, we can offer you valuable support.
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25 years of intensive experience

On-site and virtual implementation in different languages

Implementation in many countries and on different continents

Average rating of 4.7 (on a scale of 1 to 5)

This is what onboarding can do

  • Identifying with the employer is enhanced  in a targeted manner. Values and strategies are communicated and the corporate and competitive environment is presented transparently.
  • Effective onboarding creates closeness and trust right from the start and therefore generates personal commitment on the part of the new employee.
  • It provides a holistic view of the company and helps to create a framework for actions in the future.
  • Targeted elements of getting to know each other help build your own internal cross-functional network.
  • Effective onboarding is perceived as official appreciation and visibility of new employees.
  • Companies receive  initial feedback through the “view from the outside”.
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The set-up for successful onboarding

We design your onboarding as a face-to-face event or as an interactively hosted virtual day in your collaboration tool such as MS Teams/WebEx, etc. – There are no limits to the possibilities!

The scope of the on-boarding and its duration is adjustable – depending on the number of participants. If desired, we can provide onboarding in different languages upon request, either on-site or with a virtual link-up.

Valuable content during onboarding

  • Welcome and opening address. Communicating the corporate philosophy and values: What does the company stand for?
  • In parallel, so-called “marketplaces” with important company core topics are offered (provided by in-house speakers).
  • Impulses for self-management and self-direction for new employees in the organization, thereby supporting the learning culture in the company.
  • Group activities foster integration: Interaction in small groups; if appropriate, joint development of key questions facilitate the process of getting to know each other personally and professionally.
  • 100-day reflection: Summary of the first impressions and feedback to the company.
  • Final dialogue: After completion, a final discussion takes place including an open Q&A session.

Our services at a glance

We would be happy to give you advice if you do not want to leave the onboarding of new employees to chance.

  • the overall design/architecture of your event (concept, branding, set-up)
  • the briefing of in-house speakers
  • the design of group activities
  • participant, location and speaker administration
  • Facilitation on-site or in a virtual format of your choice, including handling of all materials/technology.
  • On request, we offer additional services, such as a graphic recording of the entire event (a comic drawing as a giveaway for all participants).

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