Sustainability Management

Sustainability and climate protection are the megatrends of our modern times.
These issues will determine politics, business and private life in the years to come. Customers and employees are placing ever increasing demands on companies in regard to sustainability topics such as the environment, social issues and corporate governance.
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First steps in a complex topic setting

Developing a sustainability strategy

Consulting and workshops

Implementing a sustainability strategy

Building a culture of sustainability, capability development

Legal framework

Categorize, evaluate and apply

From the Idea to implementation

Credibility in this context is then rewarded with increasing customer loyalty and employer appeal. On the capital market, too, banks and investors want to see that companies can provide answers to the questions of the future. Transparency obligations go far beyond the reporting of the financial outlook. And politicians are also setting new standards for companies to meet. How are you preparing for this in your company?

Even though sustainability management is on everyone´s lips nowadays, it remains unclear initially what exactly awaits you as a company. Would you like to get an overview first of all and see how other companies approach it?

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Sustainability Steps

Develop a sustainability strategy

Have you already gained an overview and have implemented initial measures? Then we can support you in developing a sustainability strategy. For this purpose, we offer consulting services and conduct workshops.

We work together with you to determine the starting point, along the ESG criteria relevant to your industry, and to develop a sustainability strategy which is integrated into your business. Experience shows that integration increases the likelihood of implementation – given constantly changing requirements and priorities in everyday life.

A strategy to fit your objective, which is based on your ambitions; where you want to head with your company, from fulfilment to assuming a pioneering role and being a sustainable company.

Implementing the strategy

You already have a sustainability strategy and want to start implementing it? If this is the case, we offer you consulting and Capability Development, i.e. competence development and implementation support. From process description in accordance with your existing management systems, training and coaching of sustainability managers up to and including the hosting of internal events.

Should you want to build up a sustainability multiplier team covering different locations and even different countries, we would be glad to support you with our Sustainability Jump Program. A sustainability & change competence building program, in which we work on concrete projects and build an internal network which contributes significantly to the creation of a sustainability culture throughout the company.

Sustainability management: We support you in

  • the development of a climate protection strategy and implementation planning
  • preparation of a sustainability report
  • the processing of questionnaires for key customers, Ecovadis, etc.


  • the development of communication tools: internally for your own employees as well as for customers, trade fairs, recruiting purposes, capital market
  • selection of appropriate competitions and preparations for participation
  • planning and staging of events with suppliers in order to jointly implement sustainability objectives


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Your Contact Persons

Our experts are at your disposal for this service.