Diagnostic advisory approach


Management diagnostics: our systemic consultation

We pursue a systemically aligned consultancy approach.
Our methods here are:

  • adapted to the vision and strategy of our customers,
  • aligned to specific company requirements, and
  • adjusted to their HR processes and instruments.

CONTUR assists you in the complete process or in individual project stages – entirely depending on your specific requirements.

1. Defining goals

  • In close coordination with you, we clarify:
    • the relevant requirement for consulting and support
    • along with significant framework conditions.
  • The subsequent process course, the procedure and the custom-fit design are aligned with this in mind.
  • Focus: successful and sustainable anchoring of the measure in your company.

2. Requirement profile

  • Requirements analysis: based on the target definition and the competency model.
  • Requirements are derived for instance from job descriptions, competency profiles, or management principles.
  • If necessary, requirements can also be determined by means of workshops and/or interviews with management and HR experts.
  • Company-internal decision makers are incorporated at an early stage and throughout the process.
  • From the analysis, criteria, expedient conduct and accompanying tools are derived.

3. Conception

  • Consistent starting conditions for all participants ensure fairness and objectivity.
  • Our tasks are realistic, diverse and form success-relevant situations of the target position.
  • "Classic" task types are:
    •  Dialog tasks, e.g. negotiation discussions, critical discussions, employee dialogues
    •  Individual tasks, e.g. case studies, presentation tasks
    • Group tasks, e.g. discussions, meetings, negotiations
  • In addition, other diagnostic tools for instance such as psychometric questionnaires and test procedures can be used.

4. Implementation

Fair and transparent

  • Consistent starting conditions for all participants thanks to consistent information before and during the event


  • Interconnected schedules and an effective design of the realization of tasks ensure minimal organizational and time expense for observes and participants
  • Computerized evaluation and graphical preparation as participant profile

Professional and quality-oriented

  • Implemented by experienced and qualified consultants
  • Intensive training of the observers in order to increase the accuracy of the results
  • International implementation facilitated by means of multi-lingual consultants


5. Results & Review

What the participants receive

  • Prompt verbal feedback with respect to the observed behavior and a written feedback report.

What the clients receive

  • A written feedback report with respect to the observed behavior of each participant:
    • with respect to his strengths and development areas
    • with specific development recommendations and further measures relating to objectives, like for instance mentoring, coaching, on-the-job measures, training sessions and development plans
  • documentation of the results of the observer conference
  • an evaluation of the participant and observer feedback on the basis of standardized evaluation forms

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